For me, painting is about representing natural beauty, or expressing something in a beautiful or at least a visually pleasing way. I’ve always been creative, usually in a chaotic sort of way but in the last few years I’ve really begun to feel great urges to paint and I can put them off for so long before I have to put brush to canvas.

For now, in terms of natural inspiration, it’s clouds. In years to come, I’m sure it’ll be something else, there is so much to see around me that I want to paint. I live in Stroud, Gloucestershire and there seems to be no end to what stops me in my tracks and makes me whip out my camera to preserve what I have yet to find time to paint.

Almost as antidote to fine brushwork is my more abstract expressive work and I don’t know from one canvas to the next where it’s taking me so it’s an adventure in itself and as one style is led by me I’m happy to be led by this one.

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